Phone Repair — 15/08/2019 at 1:11 PM

How do I charge my phone if my charger port is broken?

When you are charging your phone and it does not work, then you must be carefully while using the broken charger port.

If you have decided that it is on your charger, you must verify the steps about how to fix an issue on your charger that will not charge.

You should also remember that there are some tips on charge a phone battery with a broken charger port, so you have to be very careful.

  • DIY USB port fix
  • Charge your phone battery with a battery
  • Rub the battery thoroughly

If the tips do not work on you, it is likely that you will simply go to a nearest store or certified provider to take a look of this issue.

Best ways to fix a phone that will not charge properly

If your battery is not charging properly, you do not assume that your phone charger or your battery is broken immediately.

Depends upon on your personal experience, an issue and a solution, it might be much easier than you imagine. If your tablet or phone is not charging properly, you must take a look at some of the best ways to charge a phone battery with a broken charger port, when it is plugged in.

  • Initially, you have to turn off your device and remove a battery, if possible and then use a small toothpick to lever up a small tab within a USB port on your tablet or smart phone.
  • Do reinsert your battery gently and carefully and then plug it again.
  • Remove the dust, candy and lint and then get back your USB connection to the normal.
  • Identify the defective cable and then see if that works accurately with your device.
  • Check a wall plug adapter, particularly if it is the one, where the charging cable can be removed.
  • Also, you do not charge your phone near the water or in extremely damp or hot conditions.
  • The batteries do not last long, so you should often replace the battery, when it is required.

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Once you have found that your phone is in working condition and your charging port is damaged, you can simply take a look at the ways and identify why it will not charge properly.

Rather you do not require making more damages to your mobile phone and making a new problem. Else, you might need to bring your phone to the professionals who help you with this common issue.